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A.G.M - The fight continues....

"SCCDC calling AGM and seeks local support to plan the next strategy."

Castle Toward still needs you!

For the AGM to be a success we would require 10% of the members to attend to be quorate: at least 26 in attendance. Please confirm that kindly you can come in advance of the meeting on our Facebook event, email us:, tweet us @castletoward text 07815141417 or call (01369) 830811 to confirm. Thank you! You will just need to participate in the voting please.

We shall also be seeking to select new proposed Directors for the next part of our community campaigning strategy for the future – yes, we firmly believe that Castle Toward still has a future with the community. Do you share that passion too? Then why not help us out? That is all that we ask for – a genuine passion to regenerate our own community and make better futures, for ourselves and generations ahead!

The requirements we have are that you are a South Cowal resident to be eligible to stand for being a Director. We don’t need certain skills and anyone can step forward. As long as you have some common sense and insight into the local community, that’s all we need.

Skills and experience are appreciated and welcomed too – maybe some of your work skills or knowledge could help us too? We want a locally representational Directorship to support and assist the Chair with the plans, activities and campaigns.

South Cowal achieved one of the best performing Community Right to Buys out votes, and also led on to the Castle Toward amendment to the Community Empowerment Bill – not bad going and we would like to do more.

There’s a range of things from helping out plan events, sharing information to maintain awareness of the previous CRTB (Community Right to Buy) process, just being well connected in the South Cowal area helps, knowing Castle Toward and walking in the area for the last twenty years, being good on Facebook with events and photos – these people can help us all. A range of people to reflect the local voices would be advantageous - younger voices especially too - to show that this is of equal value to our children and young families too. We are striving for sustainable futures and local economy development.

All we ask is to be prepared to be able to commit to one monthly meeting in the area to discuss, plan and review what has been happening since the last meeting, commit to a few structure hours of replying to emails per week. Find out updates from the Chair and then work together on what needs doing next. We also plan events and fundraising activities. We would love to have people with Administration and minute taking skills – hint hint!

The present Directors are immensely proud of what SCCDC has achieved in such a short amount of time. Being part of the team was daunting for some with no experience and the Chair himself had never even spoken publicly or given presentations – just look at him know. We have all learned a lot and our skills and confidence have developed as we worked together.

A mix of skills in Community Councils, Voluntary Sector, Arts and Crafts, Events Management, Accounting, Local Campaigning, Directing and Community Project Management has greatly help – in no way essential - but all helped the cause. Some of these are considering re-election so the team won’t be totally new and we would take time to introduce people properly and get ‘up to speed’ on things.

All of the Directors have thoroughly enjoyed working together to represent South Cowal, although saddened by the outcome we are still determined for the momentum to continue. We hope that you can not only come and support the AGM in attendance but also why not think about getting involved yourself? Doesn’t have to be as a Director but having teams of people willing to support plans would get great too – volunteering at future events and such.

Despite incorrect perceptions by the Council we are not Directors that have to financially contribute to the project at all. It is all totally voluntary and lots of support and training available.

The South Cowal local Community still needs Development and you are needed for the Company too! We have an amazing local supporters team that are very proactive, local Councillor support and there is still national attention on this matter in the shape of the Community Empowerment Bill. So lots to do!

Come on…we can still Save Castle Toward!

Thank you from the SCCDC team

PS - the hash-tags below will be explained in our next article!

South Cowal Community Development Company

Invite you to their AGM

On Thursday 28th May 2015 at 7pm

In Toward Memorial Hall

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