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How does the "12 days of Christmas" Advent Calendar work.

On the 18th of December 2014 the local authority are due to meet to discuss the communities plea for a price reduction in regards to the Castle Toward Estate community buy out. The community group only have until the 31st of December to complete the sale. With local authortiy now not meeting to decide our appeal until the 18th Decemeber this leaves us very short of time.


In order to get a reduction in we must convience more than half of the local authorty councillors to back our plan. All the councillors are in receipt of our plans for Castle Toward, and have been for many months now, and although we have convinced the Scottish Governement of our plans, The Scottish Land Fund of our plans and Highlands and Islands enterprise it would appear that some councillors are still not convinced - this is where we need your help.


During the next 12 days we will ask you to open a day in our 12 Days of Christmas advent Calendar on our website. Behind each day is an Argyll and Bute councillor with a link to his or hers council email address. We would greatly appreciate if you would click the email link and send the councillor an email with the word document attached that is on the page. The word document is a final plea from us, the Community Group, to give us the price reduction we need to make this project a reality. If we fail to get the majority vote on the 18th of December then we will have failed to Save Castle Toward.


We believe that the power of people passionate about Saving Castle Toward is the only weapon we have left to fight with. Ordinarily we would not get involved in politics but feel after many months of trying to get this question answered we have no choice.


You can make the difference to the crucial council vote on the 18th of December - so please take part in the Castle Toward 12 Day of Christmas advent calendar.


If you are in any doubt about how hard the community group has worked to get a postive descision then please click here to read the very latest reports.

Each day we will activate a new door on the 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar. To open each day's door simply click on the green button and it will do the rest. On some days there will be more than one person behind the door. 


To send the email simply click the councillors email address and it will open your email. Attach the "Letter To Councillor" word document, which we have written and hit the send button on your email. We have already filled in the subject line for you in order that the councillors can see that it is about Castle Toward.


Please only send the email once, councillors do work hard and we don't want to add more work to their day. We simply want them to read the letter that you have attached.



What do I do?

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