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Mike Russell MSP pleads for favourable Castle Toward outcome.

As reported widely in the media Mike Russell MSP has waded into the Castle Toward community buy out debate. Mr. Russell strongly believes the community group should be given a reduction in price by the local authority to allow the buy out to proceed, here is the copy of the letter Mr. Russell wrote Argyll and Bute Councillor leader Dick Walsh pleading for a favourable outcome for the community groups appeal.

Mr Russell wrote: “My purpose in writing today is to urge you to make a positive decision on the Castle Toward buyout this week by agreeing to the full discount needed by the Trust to make the purchase viable.

“I can think of nothing more in keeping with the spirit of the Council’s recent population summit and the intentions that came out of it than this early chance to back the revitalisation of an important part of Argyll.”

He continued: “The buyout has the enthusiastic support of virtually the entire South Cowal community, as you will know as a local councillor, and has attracted national and even international backing. The group taking it forward, led by Allan Stewart, has achieved a huge amount."

“All they need now to finish the job - literally all they need - is a positive decision from Argyll and Bute Council on Thursday.

Finishing off his letter to the councillor leader with a final plea, “Please make it happen.”

The community group will find out if they have been successful in thier request for a reduced price when the council meets to discuss the matter on the 27th of November. The group then have until December the 31st to complete the process before their chance to buy the estate lapses.

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