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Glasgow School of Art coming to South Cowal

The Glasgow School of Arts architect and design course have announced they will be returning to South Cowal. Under the direction of tutors Tom Warren of Collective Architecture and tutor Irene bell of the G.S.A the students have been working on a project of re-imaging the Castle Toward Estate.

After thier first fact finding visit the students returned to the Glasgow School of Art to work on thier individual concepts. The group have now announced that they will be returning to South Cowal on Friday the 18th of April at the Innellan Village hall to present the designs to the local residents and invited guests. The South Cowal Community Developement company recently got a sneak preview of the some of the intial concepts that the students had come up with. SCCDC Chairman Alan Stewart gave his reaction to the designs saying; "It is the first time in over a century that anyone has reimagined the Castle Toward Estate, the students are the first group of people to do so since the mansion house was built back in the 1820's, its exciting to see what a fresh pair of eyes have come up with, it's very forward thinking." Details on how you can attend the Glasgow School of Arts presentation on Castle Toward to follow.

Some of the ideas generated by the G.S.A students are featured in this short clip.

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