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In 1948, Mrs Coats sold the Castle to Glasgow Corporation for use as a school.  By this stage there were only 2173 acres remaining. She received £24,000 for the estate. The Castle was then used as a residential school for the use of Glasgow children.


The Castle became known as a centre for arts and music.  In 1954 a Special Course in Art was run, attended by 67 pupils aged 15 – 18 from 4th and 5th Year from 21 Glasgow secondary schools, and many similar courses were run over the next few decades.


Many famous conductors, composers, musicians and artists have stayed at the Castle over the years, running or attending residential courses. Including John Maxwell Geddes (who wrote “Postlude for Strings” in protest at plans to sell the Castle), conductor and cellist William Conway, composer Eddie McGuire, writers James Kelman, Edwin Morgan and Liz Lochhead, artists Lesley Banks, G W Lennox Paterson and Gordon R Archibald. They, along with many others, credit their stay at Castle Toward as a major event in their lives.


The Glasgow corporation days of Castle Toward are yet to be completed. If you would like to share some information that you think should be added to this section please contact us. We would greatly welcome new images to make this section even more captivating.

The Glasgow Corporation days.


"To my mind Glasgow Corporation Education Department was ahead of the game. In this day and age of 'curriculum for excellence' a lot could be learnt from the innovative methods and support given to pupils back in the 1960's and 70's. Not only did the Corporation run these two-week art courses for pupils across all Glasgow schools, they also held similar courses in music. I attended this art course in 1970 and it changed my life, meeting my soul mate and future wife Bobby."

Both these images were kindly offered by Stuart & Roberta Brownlee and taken from their website:

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