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The very latest news from the South Cowal Community Development Company and our proposed community buy out of the Castle Toward estate in Argyll and Bute.

  • It's Over......
    Today, February the 17th 2015, South Cowal Community Development Company received confirmation that its community right to buy of the Castle Toward Estate had been "extinguished" from the government files. In an email from the Land Unit in Edinburgh the Scottish Ministers concluded that since the date for renewal had past on Friday the 13th of Feburary and due to no agreement being reached with the seller of Castle Toward, Argyll and Bute council, that the buyout would now be deleted from...
  • Scotland's First Minister urges council to "negotiate constructively"
     Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has ugred Argyll and Bute council to negotiate with the local community group in South Cowal over the purchase of the Castle Toward estate. At a busy session of first ministers questions Nicola Sturgeon was asked by MSP Mike Russell to engage with Argyll and Bute council over the local authorities unwillingness to reduce the price of Castle Toward. The local authority had instead offered the community a £1 million pound commercial loan.
    Here is what Mr....
  • Scottish Government intervene

    The Scottish government has stepped into the ongoing saga surrounding the community buyout of the Castle Toward estate.














    This has been copied from Mike Russell MSP's social media feed; 



    Michael Russell welcomes Alex Neil's intervention in Castle Toward saga

    Government asks Council to extend deadline and negotiate with SCCDC

    Argyll & Bute MSP Michael Russell has welcomed the decision of Alex Neil, the Cabinet Secretary...

  • "NO" to £1 Million pound loan
    At a full meeting of the South Cowal Community Development Company (SCCDC) on Tuesday the 20th of January 2015 it was unanimously decided both by the directors and steering group of the charity to decline Argyll and Bute councils offer of a one million pound loan. The local community had been hoping that in light of huge public support for the community buyout as well as the job creation scheme and inward investment, that the local authority would have agreed to...
  • Community "rally" around Castle Toward group
      At rally organised by supporters of the Castle Toward buyout group on Saturday a very busy Queens Hall in Dunoon heard impassioned pleas from cross party politcans for Argyll and Bute councilors to re-think their "NO" discount to the Castle Toward community buyout group.
    The event which had cross party support featured keynote speeches from MSP Michael Russell, Councillor Bruce Marshall as well as Peter McColl from the Common Weal and Councillor Vivine Dance, with additional support for...
  • Council offer "No Discount" to community group
      At the Policy and resource commitee held in Kilmory, the HQ for Argyll and Bute council, the local authority decided not to offer the community group any discount in relation to the Castle Toward Estate purchase. Instead the local authority officials voted 9 to 5 in offering the community group a £1 million pound commercial loan. The local community group we obviously dismayed at the councils decision not to offer any discount and although the deadline to purchase the...
  • Castle Toward Community Buyout delays raised in Scottish Parliament
      The Castle Toward community buyout has gone all the way to the Scottish Parliament with Mike Russell MSP asking again why the community group still have no definitive answer to the question they raised many months ago about a reduction in price. The community group have only till the 31st of December to complete the purchase otherwise their "Right to buy" with the Scottish Government will lapse. Below is what Mike Russell tabled at parliament

     Argyll & Bute...

  • Castle Toward Buy Out in jeopardy

     SCCDC were extremely disappointed to find that the council appears to not have put in every effort that was needed in evaluating the copious information that was requested of us back in early September, particularly given the potential that this project has to transform the area. And, as a team, SCCDC are now extremely concerned that there will be insufficient time left from the new date set of 18th  December when the local authority will now discuss our plea and...

  • Mike Russell MSP pleads for favourable Castle Toward outcome.
     As reported widely in the media Mike Russell MSP has waded into the Castle Toward community buy out debate. Mr. Russell strongly believes the community group should be given a reduction in price by the local authority to allow the buy out to proceed, here is the copy of the letter Mr. Russell wrote Argyll and Bute Councillor leader Dick Walsh pleading for a favourable outcome for the community groups appeal.



    Mr Russell wrote: “My purpose in writing...

  • John Swinney Visits Castle Toward
     Scottish MSP Cabinet secretary for finance John Swinney made a visit to Castle Toward estate in Dunoon, Argyll and Bute on today (Wednesday 29th October) to see what the local community group in South Cowal who are hoping to purchase the estate have planned. John Swinney, who was attending a population decline summit in Dunoon that day, was asked by the local community groups chairman Alan Stewart if he would come along to the estates 1820 Mansion House whilst in...
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