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The very latest news from the South Cowal Community Development Company and our proposed community buy out of the Castle Toward estate in Argyll and Bute.

  • Scottish Ministers give final approval for Community Buyout to proceed
     Almost exactly one year to the day since the local community group in south Cowal started thier campaign to Save the Castle Toward estate, today Scottish Ministers gave the final approval for the purchase to proceed. The local community group had been expecting the minsters decision on the right to buy for several months now, but due to an appeal being lodged about the higher than expected value placed on the estate by the district valuer the process had...
  • £750,000 award from Scottish Land Fund for Castle Toward community buy out.




    The SCCDC, the local community group in Cowal who are in negotiations to buy the Castle Toward Estate have been given a huge boost by one of their funding sources. The Scottish Land Fund, to which they had applying to for financial assistance, have award the local group one of the biggest grants in Scottish Land Fund history - £750,000


    Plans for community ownership of the historic Castle...

  • Argyll and Bute Councillors show support for Castle Toward price reduction.

      At the Argyll and Bute area committee meeting held on Tuesday the 5th of August at Eaglesham house in Rothesay, Councillor Bruce Marshall tabled a motion calling on his fellow local authority colleagues to support the Cowal Community group’s request for a reduction in the price sought for the Castle Toward estate. At fully attended meeting Councillor Marshall, seconded by Councillor MacIntyre, reminded his colleagues of the councils poor record of disposal of council owned properties in the past,...

  • Decision on Castle Toward community buyout delayed.

     The local community group in South Cowal will have to wait a bit longer to find out whether or not they can proceed in their purchase of the Castle Toward estate. The community were due to find out the Scottish Ministers decision before the end of June but due to the group appealing the value of the estate ministers cannot now make that final decision until the outcome of the appeal is known.


     The community group were not aware...

  • 95% of residents vote YES to Castle Toward buyout

    After a long week campaigning and an even longer few days waiting for the vote to be counted and verified the results of last weeks Castle Toward community buyout ballot are now known. The local community group had, as part of the legislation, to hold a public ballot to gauge the support of the local community to the proposed buyout. As part of this legislation the local community group had to achieve a turnout of no less than 50% in...

  • Voting now closed.

    After a several sunny days on the road campaigning in the Mobile Ballot Box voting has now closed in the ballot of the community buyout for Castle Toward Estate. Thank you to everyone who turned out during the last couple of days and showed their support for the community group by casting their votes. Hundreds have visited the Mobile Ballot Box in its various locations over the past week and even the local community group were surprised by the response...

  • Open Day hailed "Huge success"

    Voting got under way on Saturday (10th May) in the South Cowal Community Development Company’s Public Ballot on its proposed buyout of Castle Toward Estate. It coincided with the local Community groups planned open day at Castle Toward’s Mansion House. This was the first time in over two and a half years that the public had been allowed access to the Castle Toward Mansion House, an occasion which was greeted with much enthusiasm by the local community who turned out...

  • Get ready to Vote!
    Residents of South Cowal get ready, the mobile Ballot Box is coming.
    Voting in the community buyout of the Castle Toward Estate starts Saturday the 10th of May. Residents in South Cowal have now received their community ballot voting papers and the public vote is about to get underway. From Saturday the 10th until Friday the 16th registered voters will be given the chance to have their say in whether or not the community group should proceed in the bid...
  • District Valuer puts a price on Castle Toward Estate.
    View 1_2 colour rev2.jpg
    After months of speculation over the market value of the Castle Toward Estate in Argyll and Bute the local community group who are proposing to buy the estate using the Land Reform (Scotland) act 2003 are at last in possession of a figure stating how much the estate will cost to purchase. As part of the process allowing the community group to buy the estate a current value had to be obtained for the property. This value is calculated by...
  • Campaign goes all the way to the Capital
    The South Cowal Community Development Company took the Save Castle Toward campaign from the countryside all the way to the Scottish capital this week when they met up with Scottish government officials to talk about the forthcoming community ballot.
    Chairman Alan Stewart and Derek McIntyre made the early morning Western ferry trip from South Cowal to attend a meeting at the Scottish government building in Edinburgh. The aim of the journey was to agree the finer points of the...
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